Welcome new Fright Mall customer! Our research team has taken extreme efforts to already provide you competitive industry prices for each product. However, we understand that in certain cases prices vary and there are other Halloween retailers to choose from. To provide value to our customers, Fright Mallís exclusive Make-an-Offer option allows customers to present an offer to us. All product offers will be evaluated on case-by-case basis. Fright Mall reserves the right to accept your offer, reject it, or provide a counter offer. Note: Make-An-Offer could take some time to process your order and is only recommended if you are concerned that our listed price is not accurate. To expedite your order we recommend adding your item directly to the cart.


  • Allows our customers to make offers on identical products prior to purchase if a lower price is found on the web.
  • No match pricing refunds or conditions apply.
  • No 110% guarantee, which causes you to purchase the product, then wait for a refund.
  • No hidden fees or handling charges.
  • Make-an-Offer does not require a Fright Mall account.

How it Works:

Click the Make-an-Offer button located on the product listing below the Add to Cart button.

  • Enter your offer, valid name and email address. Include a note to us with information on the competitorís price along with the URL. Please use the space provided (limited to 250 characters).
  • Review offer information and click the Submit Offer button.
  • Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from Fright Mall.
  • All offers will be approved, rejected or a counter offer will be made . (Please be aware this could take up to 48 hours based on the information you provide for us to research.
  • Offer approval, rejection or a counter offer will be submitted via email.
  • If we approve your offer or you accept our counter offer it will be valid for 24 hours.


  • Offers requires a valid name and email address for submission.
  • Only products presented with a Make-an-Offer button will be applicable.
  • Applicable shipping charges, handling fees and sales tax will apply to all approved offers.
  • Daily Deal Products, promotional codes and coupons cannot be used in the Make-an- Offer Program.
  • Items purchased with Make-an-Offer are not eligible to be returned or for a refund.