Sounds of motors roaring are heard in the distance. Hot tires melting on the road with a thirst of hunger as they came closer. The deafening vibrations of a thousand drums merging in one red hot heartbeat. Instantly, there is a thunderous roar of the undead on motorcycles rapidly approaching. With the sounds of screeching brakes a dust storm emerges. As the dust begins to settle, they are upon you, you have nowhere to run. You look into their eyes with an internal scream; they are all dead. Undead. The ZOMBIE BROTHERHOOD is ready for the feast! Isolated events with no explanations were being reported. People were missing with the only concrete evidence was a random foot, hand or another extremity. Cannibalism filled the air, nothing could be explained, people were nervous and worried. Then it happened!. A young girl walking home from school was the first. The first report was she was struck by a hit and run motorcycle. The news originally reported this was nothing more than a freak accident, so…..horrific that there was a pause at the newsroom. But everyone knew, this was not an accident…it was a group of psychopathic motorcycle killers who have been let loose with only one objective…..body count. How many with satisfy their thirst? All that remains until no one is left.